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vB.2.6 Released: Ajax Search and Activity Feeds

Published on 2012/05/01 by admin

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Another month of heavy testing has yielded another set of bug fixes and new features. But I won't bore you with a long intro. Here is what's new:

New Features

  • Ajax Search Suggestions: The search bar now provides suggestions of potential article matches. This does require that you update your templates, and when combined with the other changes, you may want to simply download the latest theme files.
  • The following changes are required to header.php:
  • Search field -> #search_input (ID)
  • Search field -> autocomplete=off
  • Search form -> onsubmit="return submit_search();"
  • Numerous changes to the css_style.php file.
  • Activity Feeds: This is my favorite new feature. Activity Feeds are a new widget that allows you to display website activity, including new pages, page edits, comments, badge awards, and new user registrations. But it goes a step further, as all public user pages are now a "Profile Page" that has that user's activity. It also allows other users to "post" to the profile feed for easier discussions. Note that the old user profile page is gone, so you'll need to update all templates starting with "user_".
  • Media Library: Say hello to "Drag and Drop" uploading!
  • Search: Improved search results, included rated results, and better handling of snippets with caller tags.
  • Images: True Form method can be used to bypass the DIV element. Syntax: ((/path/to/img.png|true))

Bug Reports

  • Categories: Delete category in manage bar bug solved. Previously deleted the page you were viewing (ouch!).
  • Issues with special characters in page titles solved. Characters that were affected are the plus sign, forward slash, and dash.
  • Media Library: Some issues with incorrect paths and thumbnails solved.
  • Hompage: Bug with category homepage settings solved. Issues with category homepages within sub-categories not being detected solved.
  • Tagging: Unwanted tags no longer detected, such as HTML color codes.

New Theme!

I'm also happy to report that the first (and long overdue) official v2 Theme has been released. Say hello to "Velvet Gloves"!