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vB.2.4 Released: Bug Fixes and Custom Callers

Published on 2012/04/02 by admin

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I'm thrilled to announce the release of the next version of Banana Dance's beta: vB.2.4. This version comes after months of functionality testing and stress testing and solves a number of annoyances as well as adds many useful new features.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with long page titles resolved.
  • Issues with breadcrumbs having trailing "junk" resolved.
  • Admin logout link working.
  • Widgets: Article data is filtered through the proper function allowing for a fuller set of caller tags.
  • SSL connections are now considered when creating headers.
  • IMPORTANT: This requires that you change the following in config.php:
  • This Text: define('URL',
  • Becomes: define('URLHOLD',
  • Internet Explorer: Solved issues with the admin control panel.
  • Widget editor: A large number of bugs with the editor have been resolved.
  • Notices: Comment notices now link to the correct page.

New Features

  • The biggest new feature is "Custom Callers". Custom callers allow you to automatically find specific text in your pages and do one of three things with it:
  • Create a straight find and replace.
  • Example 1: Find text "COMPANY_NAME" and auto-replace with "Widgets Inc.".
  • Place a help bubble next to it.
  • Example 1: Find text "John Smith" and auto-create a help bubble with text "John Smith is our President and CEO"
  • Auto-link to a URL or page on your website.
  • Example 1: Find text "About Us" and auto-link to article named "About Our Company"
  • Example 2: Find text "Yahoo!" and auto-link to
  • Footnotes: the new [fn][/fn] functionality for footnotes has been added, allowing you to create more traditional citations.
  • Stripped Privileges: Ability to remove a user type's privileges from a specific category.
  • Pre-population: When creating a new page, you can pre-populate the editor with a preset "template". This can be customized for each category.
  • New caller tags: %article_image% and %article_image_div%
  • Creates a "fitted DIV element" with the first image on a page. Can be used in widgets.
  • Improved Page Snippets: Smarter rending of page snippets to end on a sentence.
  • Meta data: if no meta description or keywords are provided, the program will attempt to auto-populate these fields using the page's snippet and the page's tags.
  • Theme Backups: Dtabase backups as well as automated theme file backups.

Lingering Issues

Some issues that I noticed but which couldn't be solved yet include:

  • Internet Explorer issues with the dropdown menus in the admin control panel.
  • Media library thumbnail rendering issues.
  • Various widget editor issues.
  • The template editor will something overwrite the incorrect template. The cause of this is unknown however I strongly recommend that you edit the actual template files until it can be resolved.
  • The program still will occassionally create 2 copies of a new article when you are creating it. The reason is currently unknown but is being investigated.
  • Caching: The caching system, which was designed for the original version of the beta, needs to be overhauled and updated.
  • Search Results: Caller tags aren't always properly updating.
  • Auto-updated: This system is a mess currently and needs to be overhauled.
  • Styles: There are issues with system elements inheriting your website's styles which can easily cause problems.