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Minor Update and New Theme

Published on 2011/10/02 by admin

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Program Update: vB.1.5

New Features

A quick update has been released. Some of the new features will be:

  • Auto-Headers: Headers are now automatically added to the <head></head> section of your theme. This means that the default header.php file for all theme is less cluttered and requires less caller tags which were slightly confusing before. It will make implementing your own designs easier. Here's what's the program will add to the header:
  • All required style sheets for your theme.
  • All required JavaScripts for your theme.
  • Any style sheets that are required for your active plugins.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL-B, CTRL-U, and CTRL-I now default to bold text, underline text, and italic text in the page editor/creator.
  • Category-based access controls for users and user types.
  • Inline comment type editing added.

Bug Corrections

  • Comments Type Changes: When a comment type is changed for a comment, all subcomments are also changed to that type, making the comment count totals by type correct.
  • SQLi: A potential SQLi issue has been resolved. Thanks to the for pointing it out!

Program Focus

I just wanted to take a second to address the current state of the program. It's come a long way over the last couple of months, but there's still work to be done. Please please please let me know through the discussion boards if you notice any bugs.

I'm currently working on making this software more user-friendly, with a special focus on turn-key implementations. It's coming along great, but if you have any suggestions for making the program more user-friendly, once again, place let me know through the discussion boards.

New Theme

The "CorBase" theme has been released. It is a wiki-style theme, clean and professional, designed for corporate knowledgebases, but it could easily be used for product manuals and project collaborations.