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Finalizing Feature Set

Published on 2012/05/21 by admin

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Hey guys. So it's been quite a while (almost a year actually) since the original project was released in its beta 1 form. During that time the project has expanded way beyond what I had originally intended. While that created a number of great new features that I'm very happy were added, the consequence of that was that the original framework had to be reworked to accommodate all the new functionality. That caused bugs, quite a few of them actually. A lot have been solved, but a lot are still lingering. It seems like every time a new feature was added, something else broke, and unfortunately, I'm running out of patience with these bugs and the once clean code is becoming a mess to deal with.

So consider this the final feature set for the first version of Banana Dance. The new plan is simple: fix the lingering bugs, stabilize the program, and release the first official production version of the program. There are a handful of features that are completed but not released, so expect those in an upcoming update, but beyond that I have to crumb the developer in me and put a stop to that program's expansion.

I hope to get the last major bugs solve by June 27th at the latest, which coincidentally, is the 1st anniversary of the release of the program's beta 1 ;).

So here we go: the final stretch!